WizeWorld Volume 88

Apr 22, 2022

Welcome to the 88th volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 

This week’s theme is DIY.

We can’t always wait for perfect conditions; sometimes we have to go out and make the best of it. This week is all about doing what you can with what you have on hand, and not waiting for breakfast cereal to be less sugary or your usual social media to be kinder. Instead, we’re focusing on the people and companies that have gone out and done it themselves. 

We’ll be looking at:

  • A UK report on sugar that has been delayed by another year
  • An interview with NLL athlete Latrell Harris 
  • João Pombeiro and Lance Skiiiwalker’s Chicago 
  • Pax Frias’ Playlist: Afro Beats & Beyond
  • A new social media app that focuses on the positives


An overhead image of a bowl of cereal on a wooden cutting board. Cereal fills the bowl and is spread around the cutting board.

The Guardian draws attention to the fact that UK politicians have delayed the release of a report showing how much sugar is packed into their convenience foods. The government had pledged to work with food producers to reduce sugar levels in packaged goods by around 20 percent, and the report (due fall of 2021) was meant to show whether or not those targets had been reached. Instead, it has been delayed by another year. Experts worry that this is because producers have ignored requests to lower their sugar levels—a decision that campaigners argue will continue to worsen the UK’s rates of diseases like diabetes. Whether or not you’re in the UK, it’s a good reminder to check labels yourself to avoid excess amounts of sugar where possible and choose healthier, lower sugar alternatives (like a refreshing can of Wize). 



An image of Latrell Harris's back, wearing his Number 93 blue jersey as a row of attendees on either side greet him.

Enjoy this interview with NLL (National Lacrosse League) athlete Latrell Harris. Though Latrell was initially in love with hockey, a friend of his dad’s approached him when he was just eight years old and convinced him to try out for lacrosse instead. That eventually led to Latrell becoming the youngest ever player to be drafted into the NLL. Now, his goal is to become an NLL champion at least once in his life, as well as a PLL (Premiere Lacrosse League) champion. But his main goal is to simply keep improving: as an athlete and a person. For that reason, he chooses Wize because it’s a healthier alternative to energy drinks. 


Another image of a group of Black people and children, standing on a city street with trees and blue skies behind them.

Colossal brings us an amazing project from Lisbon-based director João Pombeiro. Pombeiro has created a short film that pans across a collage showing a time lapse of Chicago through the years. Originally conceived of as a music video for Lance Skiiiwalker, it has evolved into an art piece that ultimately stands on its own. At the center of his work is a highlight of the city’s historic activism and pride, and the ways that it has changed and grown in the last few decades. The full video can be viewed on Colossal’s website, along with Skiiiwalker’s immersive, soft, and jazzy track that mirrors the piece’s collage elements. 


A black and white image of Pax Frias wearing a bucket hat and white t-shirt, with WizeRadio text in pink over his face.

This week’s Wize Radio entry is from Pax Frias, a Physical Literacy Educator at Restore Human from Vancouver, BC. When he’s not helping people assess and improve their fitness and performance, Pax loves to crack a ruby red grapefruit iced tea and chill out to some of his techno/reggaeton favorites. With Afro Beats & Beyond, he’s curated an amazing selection that includes artists like Davido, DJ Flex, Tekno, Rema, and many more.

Get inspired

An image of a person holding their phone, scrolling through images.

Finally, Positive News brings us the story of Supernova: an app that bills itself as the ethical alternative to giants like Instagram and Facebook. Their mission is to help cut through the negative clutter to focus on the positives, and they pledge to give 50 percent of earnings directly to charity. They also promise to hire moderators to cut out negative and harmful content and comments, leaving your feed happy and (mentally) healthy. They believe people are tired of the negativity and welcome something with more of a glass-half-full ethos. We couldn’t agree more. 

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