Our Impact

Problem #1

North Americans consume 77g of sugar per day, which is three times the recommended daily intake

North American annual sugar intake equates to...
30 x
Empire State building
12 x
Golden Gate Bridge
400 x
Statue of Liberty

62lbs per person per year

For many people, this amount of sugar can be as high as half their own body weight, and even more for kids! We need to make a drastic change NOW.

47% of added sugars are in beverages

Remember when we thought that orange juice was healthy? We can easily cut a massive amount of sugar from our diets if we consider better beverage options as this is the easiest progress to make.
Wize Tea Wize Tea

Our goal by 2024
Remove 50 tonnes

of sugar in the North American diet

So far, we’ve removed

30 tonnes

of sugar from the
North American diet

Other Iced Teas Wize Iced Tea Iced Coffee
Sugar 43g 4g 31g
Calories 160 20 180
Caffeine 23mg 35mg 75mg
4g Sugar 43g
20 Calories 160
35mg Caffeine 23mg

Problem #2

Coffee beans can only be harvested for three months a year, and for the remaining nine months, 90% of the industry is unemployed and families experience seasonal hunger

Wize Tea Wize Tea

Our goal by 2024
Create 200,000 hours

of off-season work for coffee farmers in need by upcycling the excess coffee leaves and crafting them into delicious tea

So far, we’ve created

140000 hours

of off-season work

Your Impact

Minutes of work
for farmers in need
Minutes of work
for farmers in need

Wize Tea: a sustainable solution where everybody wins

Provide healthy
Reduce seasonal
hunger on farms
Reduce sugar
in food system
Create year-round
work for farmers
Create healthy
Upcycle coffee leaves
and reduce waste

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