Pax Frias

Mar 17, 2021

Pax Frias

Vancouver, CA

“I was the person who immediately was talking everyone's ear off about that hot cool thing that I had read about, or done on the weekend, or researched and experimented with. So I leaned into that extraversion and the fact that I am an absolute nerd who loves knowledge.”


Let me introduce you to Pax Frias, a Physical Literacy Educator at Restore Human. He’s an admitted extrovert, predisposed to a combination of hospitality and self improvement, and in that intersection is where you’ll find him. Pax spent most of his adolescence in the clouds, 3000m in the air to be exact, growing up in the mountains of Chile simultaneously, and impulsively training his cardiovascular system and sense of adventure. By the time Pax got to Canada his gregariousness was instinctual, when you couple that with a history in the hospitality industry, you can figure that the fitness community seemed to be a natural landing spot. He admits, in the beginning, he wanted to be a yoga teacher adding, “I definitely wanted to be a teacher of physical movements, but I didn't have the notion of that being a job title. I obviously wanted to work with people's bodies and I thought yoga was a really interesting and beautiful way of moving your body,” but as you’ll find with Pax, he would rather deal in multitudes than in singularities. 


"It was the amalgamation of the gift of being hyperactive, physically and mentally, that got me the job with Restore Human. The real boost was thanks to the amazing team I work with every damn day."


His professional life is a testament to his multidimensionality. Look no further than his thoughts on self improvement, he says it’s as simple as, “‘I did that, what can I do next?’ I could tip my hat to the principles of zen; they believe in simplifying and improving while refining.” It’s about creating efficient and beautiful outcomes for himself as a coach and for his clients, he adds, “We’re not driven by a bottom line or profits, we’re driven by success stories.” The ‘we’ he speaks of is his team at Restore Human, a personal training centre in Vancouver. It’s headed up by Coach K, who holds dual roles as both the Director of Restore Human, and Pax’s personal inspiration. A former Australian Sniper Supervisor turned master of physical literacy and training, Coach K is “very well trained and adept at problem solving when it comes to teamwork, when it comes to the human body and when it comes to caring about big-picture human issues.” Pax adds, “I would not be where I’m at without him.”


"I want to be spearheading a team that's about three times the size of what we have now, but that's doing a hundred times better work. I also want to have a ton more adventures under my belt, some mountain summits and other nature endurance feats."


Movement is integral to Pax’s procedure, not just professionally but personally as well. One of his career highlights would be his 6000 total hours of allotted training, “halfway to mastery” he says - citing the 10,000 hour practice. He also notes a 60km canoe trip orchestrated as a group with his Restore Human team, as well as placing third in a Spartan Race in addition to coming first and second in back-back races in a single weekend as personal milestones. In striving for physical and mental refinement we see Pax’s love of both activity and thoughtfulness, it’s not enough to just know your body, according to him, you have to be accurately aware of what you’re putting in it. On the topic of sugar Pax had this to say, “it's like speeding up the now but at the cost of the future, and sugar does the same thing on a cellular level. It gives you that quick burst of energy, but at the cost of your cells being efficient and healthy longer-term.” Though, true to his propulsive attitude, he’s one to outline the pitfalls of the health and wellness industry, while pointing forward to its potential. "I think people are wising up. They're avoiding sugar, they're avoiding extreme doses of stimulants, but they are not likely going to change in terms of convenience,” he says. 


It’s with Wize, according to Pax, where he can find replenishment that won’t detract from the concentration that goes into the execution of his craft, and that goes for the rest of Restore Human. “Well the staff here is all hooked, we've been very much enjoying all the flavours. You nailed it with it being an afternoon option for me. Later in the day, it's a guilt-free enjoyable kind of replenishment for me,” he says. Anything, if used correctly, can be a tool for refinement, and it appears that Pax has found such a resource in Wize, as he talks about reaching 10,000 hours in personal training I addition to running the Juan de Fuca trail, adding, “I’m gonna have more than a few cans of Wize along the way.” Beyond that, as he points out, he’s most excited about being ready to give the world the next big thing in the fitness industry, through collaboration, eco-friendliness and sustainability which speaks to his commitment to refinement, but his talents in inclusion. 



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