Strawberry Hibiscus

A bit sweet, a bit tart, but never bitter

  • Enjoy the sweetness of strawberry extract and the subtle tartness of Egyptian hibiscus petals, rounded out by the smoothness of our classic Coffee Leaf Tea
  • Hibiscus is naturally very rich in vitamin C
  • Coffee Leaf Tea delivers antioxidants like mangiferin and cholorogenic acids
  • Ingredients: hand-picked Coffee Leaf Tea, Egyptian hibiscus petals, strawberry extract
  • Creates year-round jobs for coffee growers
  • Put your steeping on autopilot: can't oversteep it, add hot water as needed for more cups
  • How to steep: 2.5g per 250mL/8 fl. oz cup, use freshly boiled water, steep for minimum 4 minutes
  • The longer you steep, the more hibiscus flavour you will get

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“I love how I can control the balance of this fruity and tart blend”

Do you prefer a more strawberry-forward steep? Then remove the tea around 5-7 minutes. Want more hibiscus tartness? Leave the tea in the cup!

Put your steeping on auto-pilot and never have bitter tea again

Since the coffee leaf doesn’t have the tannins found in regular tea, you can steep Wize tea for as little as 5 minutes up to multiple hours without any bitterness emerging in the cup. Just leave the tea in there and enjoy the flavor all day!
Wize Tea

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