WizeWorld Volume 104

Aug 12, 2022

Welcome to the 104th volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 


This week’s theme is changing your perspective. From reimagining what a supermarket shelf should look like, to illuminating nature in a brand new way: looking at the world in a new light is essential to staying wize as we move through life. 


We’ll be looking at:

  • A study on the protective benefits of coffee leaf 
  • An interview with cyclist Victoria Kalyniuk
  • UV light that unveils extraterrestrial luminescence 
  • Crates: An All Vinyl Radio Show from DJ Carlyle Mark and Miss TKL
  • How scrapping use-by dates on food prevents food waste




An image of coffee cherries and coffee leaves.

A new study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences suggests that coffee leaf could increase resistance to Covid-19 infection. Tests were performed directly on plants (rather than humans) and showed that the coffee leaf plant had the highest resistance to exposure, compared with gardenia leaves and grape leaves, stems and skins. From the report itself: “The results indicated that coffee leaf extract in MeOH could inhibit both Spike-ACE2 interaction and enzymatic activity of TMPRSS2, the two critical activities for the SARS-C-V-2 viral entrance.” In the spirit of shared wizdom, we encourage you to read the full study.




An image of Tori racing alongside other cyclists, all in spandex cycling gear on a city road.

This week, we’re serving up a throwback interview with cyclist, marine biology student and Female U21 Race Team member Victoria “Tori” Kalyniuk. Tori has won road cycling provincials, attended debate camp, was a competitive speed skater in high school and is the President of the UVic Mountain Bike Club. With all that hard work, she can’t afford to mess around with sugar-loaded beverages. So she sips Wize to stay energized and refreshed, and when she needs something a little warmer, she reaches for a hot cup of Chocolate Dream. 




An image of lichen that has been illuminated at night so it takes on a glowing blue hue.

Las Vegas-based photographer Cody Cobb captured this stunning image, along with many others, when he shone an ultraviolet light source across deserts, shrubs, coves and more in areas like Utah, California and New Mexico. The light revealed gorgeous hues of blue and orange in the lichen, leaves and other bacteria growing in the area. Check out his Instagram for more amazing work. 




An image of a vinyl record with a record needle hovering just above.

Enjoy the latest stream from B-Side Radio with throwback, remixed hits from the 80s, 90s and early 00s. Crates: An All Vinyl Radio Show, hosted by DJ Carlyle Mark & Miss TKL, is the perfect way to kick off your weekend. B-Side Radio is an online community radio station that operates out of The Beaumont Studios Artist Society in Vancouver BC. Read more about them here.



Get inspired

An image of a supermarket store shelf showing mostly dairy products.

Food waste can occur at any stage of the production cycle, but a huge source of it occurs in our own homes. The sell-by and use-by dates placed on food items contributes to that unnecessary disposal. The good news? Two major retailers in the UK have already agreed to toss out several of their unnecessary use-by labels, with others sure to follow suit.



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