WizeWorld Volume 103

Aug 5, 2022

Welcome to the 103rd volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 

This week’s theme is taking good care. From watching for the signs of high blood sugar to bringing attention to the all-important topic of men’s mental health to keep both body and mind happy and healthy.


We’ll be looking at:

  • How to tell if your blood sugar is too high
  • An interview with athlete Ross Watson
  • Olafur Eliasson’s kaleidoscope glass structure in Sonoma
  • Therapy w/ Deadaelus from B-Side Radio
  • A UFC winner stands up for men’s mental health




 An image that shows three donuts sitting on top of a dark wood background. A bite has been taken out of the middle donut.

Do you know the signs of high blood sugar? EatThis brings us a list of the most common indications that you’re getting too much of the sweet stuff in your daily diet—from fatigue, tingling, and blurred vision to headaches, numbness and more. Even small swaps like soda for a delicious low-sugar iced tea like Wize can help manage your daily sugar intake without much change to your routine.




An image of Ross, a young man with a hoodie pulled up over a baseball cap and a jacket zipped up to the top of his neck.

This week’s interview is with mountain biker Ross Watson. Hot off a bronze medal win at the Panorama Canada Cup, 17 year old Watson is rising fast in the sport. He’s looking forward to tackling more competitions and getting more wins under his belt, so he knows he needs to fuel properly. That’s why he skips traditional energy drinks in favor of the more sustainable and healthy Wize iced tea. 




An image of what looks like a multi-colored glass gazebo sitting over top of an area with green vegetation and man-made seating areas.

This stunning architectural project from Olafur Eliasson was constructed from 832 individual glass pieces. It functions to mirror the microclimate of the Sonoma, California vineyard in which it stands—with the glass panels using meteorological measurements of solar radiance, wind intensity, temperature and humidity. Eliasson began the project in 2014 and said it was initially inspired by the history of circular calendars. More than anything, it looks cool. And isn’t that what art’s really about?




An image of a DJ with their hands on the turntables with glow-and-the-dark and neon accents.

This week, it’s time for a little Therapy with Deadaelus and B-Side Radio. Enjoy this mood-boosting mix to get pumped up for the weekend. B-Side Radio is an online community radio station that operates out of The Beaumont Studios Artist Society. Read more about them here.



Get inspired

An image of an MMA fighter with his arms raised to the ceiling in a victory stance.

Finally, Sports Illustrated highlights the importance of speaking up for men’s mental health. MMA fighter Paddy Pimblett discovered, five hours before his weigh-in, that a friend had just died from suicide. Following his win, he addressed the crowd and urged people to “get rid of the stigma” and get men talking to each other. Pimblett has apparently been overwhelmed by the response to his speech, with one news source reporting that there has been a surge in men seeking out mental health resources following his statements. If you’re in Canada, you can find local resources here that can help. 



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