We're getting greener! Major packaging update

Aug 13, 2019

Today we make the transition to a more sustainable packaging system that produces less plastic and focuses on reusability. All of the new bags are recyclable under category 7. Here is a breakdown of all the new updates:

Our 15-count sachet boxes will no longer have individually wrapped sachets, and instead all 15 sachets will be wrapped in a new high quality reusable bag, which reduces overall plastic use and leaves you with a nice bag to store small items.

We have a new 50-count pouch of sachets for those who want more volume of sachets without the boxes and extra packaging. This is especially great for office and food service customers, or power users that want their staple tea in large supply.

As per customer requests, we now have mini travel pouches available on the website so you can take a sachet with you for work or travel, and also use it to save a steeped sachet for a second steep later on. This way you get the most out of our unique products.

We have brand-new tins that are refillable and reusable for various purposes like pen cups or housing small items or spices of your choice. It has a much better lid that stays secure, and the new design reduces the use of plastic by using much smaller flavour labels to discern different blends. These are also recyclable in your regular cans and containers bin.

Our new custom pouches come in 100g and 200g loose leaf options as well as a 50-count sachet format. This way you can simply refill your tins and then use the bags for other storage ideas. They have a matte finish that can be used with dry-erase markers for easy storing and changing of labels, so mark away! They make great bulk containers for things like dried goods and crafting supplies.

With all the feedback we’ve received from you, our beloved friends, we’ve been able to make these improvements and work towards reducing waste and the use of plastics. There are more and more green options coming on the market each and every year, and we’re excited to see what will be the next evolution of our packaging to become an even greener brand. As always, we recommend loose leaf for the greenest solution. Thank you all for being on this journey with us!

Stay Wize,

Max, Arnaud, and Enrique


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