Have a Wize Moment

Jul 29, 2017

Life is busy and everyone is looking for ways to disconnect. In our latest video, we explore how you can achieve this feeling of zen and calm with iced tea and your favorite chill out spot. These are small actions that result in tremendous releases of tension and bring you back to level. Ultimately, it's up to you to define your very own #WizeMoment, so how would you do it? 

Song credits to our very own Wize Collective member Roman Kov


New Cocktail Recipes

If you're looking to spice things up a bit, we released our new signature cocktail recipes, ranging from classic thirst-quenching vodka iced teas to refreshing mojitos. Best of all? Since our Coffee Leaf Tea is so smooth, you don't need to add any sugars or syrups to these drinks.

Cheers to healthy and clean indulgence! Please enjoy responsibly :)

Wize Monkey Earl Grey Gin and Tonic Tea Cocktail Recipe Two ways Coffee Leaf Tea 

Jasmine Apple Pie Tea Cocktail Recipe

Wize Monkey Lemon Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe


For more recipes, check out our Recipes page


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