Wize Monkey Launching Nationally in USA

Sep 12, 2017

Award-winning Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea hitting shelves across the US this October, disrupting tea and coffee categories simultaneously

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Vancouver BC, September 12th

The world’s first Coffee Leaf Tea company Wize Monkey is launching their multi-award winning product in over 330 stores across the United States this October. They have made major leaps in the past year, solidifying national Canadian distribution in late 2016, and soon launching with Sprouts Farmers Market in 15 states across 285 locations. They are also launching with Whole Foods in the Northern California region, Gelson's, Mollie Stone’s and Rainbow Grocery Co-op.

“It’s been nearly 5 years of crafting the best method to make our award-winning Coffee Leaf Tea and the work is finally paying off. Retailers are recognizing the amazing taste that our product offers as well as the rising consumer demand across the US and globally” - Max Rivest, Co-Founder/CEO

Wize Monkey has taken a centuries-old concept from Ethiopia and Sumatra and applied craft processes to premium coffee leaves to reveal an outstandingly smooth and delicious tea that is very easy to drink, has similar caffeine levels to green tea, no bitterness, and delivers a host of polyphenols that aren’t available in traditional tea. Some of their accolades include World Tea Expo ‘Best New Product’, ‘Best Mission-Driven Business’ NEXTY Award, and multiple nominations for innovation awards.

One of the most revolutionary aspects of their product is how it generates a year-round economy for coffee growers and workers, who typically only have a 3-month long production season for the coffee bean. By using the leaves of the coffee plant in the off-season that are typically discarded, they generate year-round jobs for growers and train staff with added-value skills to process and taste-test Coffee Leaf Tea.

About Wize Monkey

Wize Monkey is the global leader in Coffee Leaf Tea production, research, and innovation. Stemming from a 2013 grad school project, Wize Monkey has since established itself as the world’s first Coffee Leaf Tea company. They are vertically integrated from “Earth to Cup” out of Nicaragua and based in B.C. Founded by Max Rivest, Arnaud Petitvallet, and Enrique Ferrufino, a third-generation coffee farmer in Nicaragua, Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Teas are available in five flavours and can now be found in more than 230 stores across Canada and over 300 stores in the US.

Want HD video content? Check out the short documentary:

Media Contact

Max Rivest, Co-Founder/CEO

604 839 7640


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