From boiling hot to ice cold: NEW ICED TEA

Jun 30, 2020

In order to service a rapidly changing world, one must be ready and willing to adapt. Take for example, the coffee industry, structured on centuries of seasonal harvests that have ultimately left the industry in critical condition. The coffee prices on the global market are too volatile, seasonal work schedules are untenable, crops become abandoned, livelihoods are eviscerated risk and transparency is ignored. Brands become more interested in providing a bitter flavour, than exposing a bitter truth. 


We’re witnessing a perfect storm of erratic global pricing, climate change and a general seasonality of a 3-month bean harvest that culminates in disregarded disaster. It’s disheartening to know that the 25 million coffee growers worldwide are under extreme pressure even if they produce the second-most traded commodity and third-most consumed beverage on Earth, second only to water. In order to keep pace with the fickle trends of the industry, Wize adapted. We created a sustainable and equitable solution that both creates jobs and income, while mitigating hunger and migration during a 9-month off-season. By upcycling the extra leaves of the coffee plant we’re able to make Coffee Leaf Tea, turning excess resources into award-winning healthy and refreshing tea. 

loose leaf tins

Commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation. Wize Coffee Leaf Tea creates an abundance of work opportunities for those who would otherwise be forgotten. The maximization of our farm’s productivity directly leads to holistic and socioeconomic improvements within the business. It’s not enough to make a good product, we want to improve the framework of the industry, and these are the principles that guide us as we strive to reinvent the world of iced tea.

new iced tea

As it stands, the iced tea industry is doing itself a disservice. Product, by and large, fails to find the balance between viability and taste. Assessing sweetness and bitterness takes precedent over sustainability and ethics, culminating in an industry primed and in need of upheaval. Our latest innovation is a ready-to-drink Coffee Leaf Iced Tea with only 1g of cane sugar, 10 calories, and 35mg of caffeine. An avenue into iced tea allows us to pursue our ultimate goal of reaching as many people as possible, while providing sustainable employment for workers, and avoiding seasonal issues through a commitment to ethical standards. Coffee Leaf Tea processing techniques are uniquely untapped in the world of iced tea, thus giving our product an unparalleled, clean and refreshing flavour, while remaining ethically sourced and mindfully distributed. 

enjoying mango iced tea

Our iced tea is about impact. Creating a balanced taste is paramount, however, social impact is just as important as sensory significance. Each can of iced tea provides two minutes of employment for coffee farmers. We’ve already passed 75,000 hours, with our ultimate goal to surpass 1,000,000 hours, which winds up generating over 125,000 full working days for those who would otherwise be unemployed during the 9-month off-season. Our combination of unique taste and ethical sourcing creates a product that serves both communities and consumers. We appreciate the community that has been with us since our humble beginnings, and thank them for their support while welcoming all those whom we may reach in our new venture.

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