What is mangiferin and why is it good for me?

Oct 27, 2020

One of the most versatile and helpful entities your body can encounter is known as Mangiferin. It’s an antioxidant and polyphenol found in many forms of flora, but is most famously known to be found in mangoes. Mangiferin is historically connected to the mango but in 2012, it was discovered to be high concentrations in arabica coffee leaves.

Firstly, mangiferin is a bioactive compound, inherently dynamic and therapeutic. It has mildly acidic compounds, demonstrated to exert protective properties against multiple forms of degenerative diseases, such as cancers, obesity, diabetes as well as forms of oxidative stress. All acids aren’t bad, unlike in cartoons apparently.

The easiest method to explain and understand all the benefits of mangiferin is to outline the many ways in which mangiferin exerts its properties. Firstly, mangiferin is an anti-inflammatory, helping to regulate the body’s response to pain, inflammation and discomfort. Secondly, mangiferin is an antioxidant meaning that it protects the body’s cells against entities known as ‘free radicals,’ which can contribute to various ailments like heart disease and cancer.

Notably, mangiferin plays a significant role in reducing cholesterol and fatty acids, while still serving as an anti-diabetic agent. It also helps the body to regulate metabolism and enhance and strengthen heart tissue. This means that mangiferin has direct ties to heart health, however it’s not just the cardiovascular system to which mangiferin has important duties. Mangiferin has also been found to have neuroprotective benefits that work in opposition to neuropathic pain and neuroinflammation.

Mangiferin is preventative in many ways, most impressive however, may be its chemotherapeutic measures. It works against the growth of tumours and tumour cells, taking precautions against carcinogens. It’s immunomodulatory means that it modifies immense system response and functioning, helping to tailor the body’s immune system for whatever it needs at a given moment, proving mangiferin’s dynamic nature as a healing substance. 

It’s hard to overstate the multidimensional properties and activities of mangiferin. It’s close to a body’s best friend, with numerous properties that simultaneously work in opposition to harmful ailments that can plague the body, while still providing nourishment and vitality. Its benefits are almost too numerous to count, taking aim at protecting and sustaining vital organs. The medical science community still believes the potential of mangiferin to be largely untapped, and as we know it right now, its capabilities are too useful to be overlooked.

For more information about mangiferin and other compounds in the coffee leaf, please visit our Coffee Leaf page which features a Research Hub with all listed studies.


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