Wize Iced Tea

We’ve reinvented iced tea with 98% less sugar, just the right amount of caffeine and award-winning refreshing taste.
  • 🌿 98% less sugar, no fake sweeteners
  • 🌿 Light refreshing taste with only 10 calories
  • 🌿 Light caffeine for clarity without jitters or crash
  • 🌿 Features strong antioxidants
  • 🌿 Keto-friendly, plant-based, gluten-free, Canadian company!
Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea
“Wize is deliciously smooth iced tea with great benefits and I’m blown away that this has never been done before.”
- Taylor M
Wize Tea
Four Grams Sugar
Wize Tea
No Fake Sugars
Wize Tea
35 mg Caffeine
Wize Tea
20 Calories
Wize Tea

The most delicious tea you’ll ever drink, period.

With Coffee Leaf Tea, the coffee leaves do most of the heavy lifting for that nice lightly sweet taste that everyone wants in a healthy refreshing beverage.

98% less sugar with only 4g of cane sugar

The average person consumes 62 pounds of sugar a year and almost half of that is from beverage choices.

Other iced teas are loaded up with sugar making them extremely unhealthy. While Wize Iced Tea does the opposite making it a perfect, healthy alternative to kick sugar with every sip!

Subtle caffeine that keeps you going with no crash

Tired of all the jitters from too much caffeine?

With only 35mg of caffeine, our refreshing iced tea actually gives you the perfect caffeine boost. Say goodbye to those horrible caffeine jitters and try Wize Iced Tea for a cleaner caffeinated drink.

Your impact

Coffee beans can only be harvested for three months a year and for the remaining nine months, 90% of the industry is unemployed and families experience seasonal hunger.

By shopping Wize Iced Tea, you are creating work for those farmers in need reducing seasonal hunger.

And People Are Obsessed With It.

Delicious iced tea with a social mission
I wasn’t expecting to love the taste of it as much as I do. I have replaced much of my coffee consumption with Wize Tea. Can’t recommend it enough.
I didn’t know what to expect but I loved it
Everyone in the house so far likes it too. It’s not green tea or any tea you’ve had before but that’s a good thing. The flavor stands on its own as fresh without being grassy, deep without being malty. Enjoy!
Smooth and delicious
Mouth feels clean and refreshed after a few sips. Very uplifting and energizing for all day drink with no jitters or crash.

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Wize Tea

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