WizeWorld Volume 91

May 13, 2022

Welcome to the 91st volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 


This week’s theme is individuality.


How much caffeine can you handle in a day? Can you tackle a 10-minute standup set? What’s the best way to get through hard times? We all have a unique way of looking at and responding to the world—it’s what makes us different, and that difference is important. This week, we’re celebrating our differences by encouraging everyone to find their personal limits and expand their horizons. 


We’ll be looking at:

  • Why caffeine impacts us all differently
  • An interview with skateboarder Marcus Denis
  • Nick Cave’s art retrospective in Chicago
  • CTRL-ALT-Bounce by Yakobe
  • A prescription for standup comedy



An image of eight cups of tea and coffee placed on a white surface, a white jug of milk sits at the center.

Discover Magazine tackles the question of why caffeine seems to impact all of us a little differently. Whether we get it through coffee, tea, or energy drinks, 85 percent of Americans consume at least one caffeinated beverage (about 165mg of caffeine) daily. And while some can seemingly guzzle endless cups and stay stable, others get the jitters from a single espresso. The answer is complex and involves a host of factors from genetics to daily habits, but either way one thing is true: the small, sustainable amount of caffeine you’ll find in a can of Wize should go down smooth with almost everyone. 




An instagram square image of a skateboarder leaping through the air, high above the rail of a staircase.

This week’s interview is a throwback with skateboarder Marcus Denis who got hooked on skateboarding watching his friends tearing it up at the park and eventually joined in himself. Nowadays he loves to travel and sees every day on the board as a blessing. His favorite flavor of Wize is Mango, and says that he recently switched from a sugar-laden iced tea to Wize instead because he wants to make sure that he’s fueling with something that doesn’t contain a ton of excess, “foul” ingredients. 




An image of six humanoid figures, each with a glittery silver disc over where their face would be, and draped with a silvery-glittery fabric with their calves and feet also covered in silver. They stand on a short square plinth in an all-white room.

Nick Cave (the sculptor, not the musician) brings his first art retrospective to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The exhibit, called Forothermore, looks back on three and a half decades of work including Soundsuits and other pieces that confront issues ranging from racism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry. He says that he’s found the entire process enlightening and that he no longer allows tragedy to serve as a directive when creating art.




An image of an Instagram square with black text reading CTRL-ALT-Bounce at the top, surrounded by navy blue dots. In the center is a shot of the DJ at a show.

Need a reset? Plug in and tune out the world with CTRL-ALT-Bounce from DJ and music director Jacob Soriano (@yakobesoriano). This mix includes everyone from Knox Fortune to Common Saints, Ralph Castelli, Duckworth, SAULT, and more. Best enjoyed with a Wize Mango iced tea.


Get inspired

An image of a neon sign on a very dark/almost black background that reads LAUGH in glowing orange-y red letters.

Positive News brings us the story of comedian Angie Belcher who’s designed a “prescription comedy course” to help people struggling with trauma. Belcher, who has a background in psychology, says everyone has a 10-minute set in them and tackling a fear of stage fright or audience reaction to tell jokes for a few minutes can help people process their own trauma. She says that the point is ultimately to find light in the darkness, and to see the funny side of issues they may be struggling with and the way sharing their experiences with others can help them heal, too. 

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