WizeWorld Volume 82

Mar 11, 2022

Welcome to the 82nd volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 

This week’s theme is hope.

We won’t lie: it feels hard to have hope right now. And while we’re not going to sugar-coat reality, we do think it’s good to look for the bright spots where you can. That includes the ways that we really have made a difference to our environment, where things are going right in the world of food packaging, and the most beautiful images taken this year. 

We’ll be looking at:

  • Why the US is changing their nutrition facts labels
  • An interview with artist and athlete Rian Plante 
  • The Sony world photography contest winners
  • ORGANIZED ♻ LISTENING from Jolin Ras
  • The environmental disasters that we’ve (almost) fixed



 A picture of a bowl of cereal on a yellow background.

Mashed brings us the story of the Federal Drug Administration’s new nutrition facts labels which now require a category for “added sugars”. That means that companies will have to get explicit about whether their product contains table sugar, sucrose, honey, agave, fruit juices, and more. Some members of the American Medical Association feel the move doesn’t go far enough, and that products that contain dangerously high amounts of sugar should carry warning labels. Either way, we count it as a win to see more clarity around excess sugar in the pre-packaged foods we consume daily so we can all make smarter (dare we say Wizer?) choices.



A photo of a man sitting in front of a tree.

Enjoy this interview with artist, photographer, and athlete Rian Plante. Rian got into photography by supporting his friends’ athletic achievements; when they hit the slopes and the trails, he’d be there—camera in hand—to capture it all. His goal is to travel the world while he works on his craft and shares his talent with others. And on his travels, he loves the convenience of grabbing a Wize iced tea, rather than something loaded with tons of sugar or caffeine. These days, you’ll find him sipping a can of Mango as he shoots all around beautiful Vancouver Island.


An image of a volcano in the distance with lava flowing in the foreground.

Colossal has brought together some incredible images from the Sony World Photography Awards for 2022. After sorting through over 340,000 entries, here are some of the jaw-dropping winning shots that include stunning portraits, breathtaking landscapes, and everything in-between. It’s yet another reminder of how beautiful the world can be. You can view the full collection here.


The Spotify cover for Organized Listening, featuring a man standing in front of stone steps with green accented text and design around him.

This week’s playlist is ORGANIZED ♻ LISTENING from Jolin Ras. Our favorites include tracks from Tyler the Creator, Rema, Kaytranada, Heatwave, and more. Curious about the curator? Jolin Ras Group is a universal transmission that curates to a global frequency. Introduced with stereophonic research for the traditional and non-traditional listener. Check them out at @jolinras.group on Instagram.

Get inspired

An image of a rusty old gas pump in a field.

Finally, the BBC asks us to take a look at the ways in which we’ve actively improved the environment in the last few decades. There’s a reason, for instance, that we don’t hear about acid rain anymore (and it’s good news—we promise!). Not to mention the disappearance of leaded gasoline, the reduction in sulfur dioxide, the shrinking of the hole in our ozone, and a few more reasons to be… well, hopeful.

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