WizeWorld Volume 6

Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to the sixth volume of WizeWorld, our weekly collection of handpicked stories and sounds to help bolster your sense of wizdom and curiosity.


From Melissa Chan, of Time Magazineher most recent piece chronicles the fallout of a tumultuous summer. She examines how the lives and futures of protestors, who put their lives and bodies on the line in pursuit of justice are effecting following their arrests. 


This weekend marked the tragic loss of USSC Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a steadfast figure in the pursuit of liberty, justice and gender equality. The New York Times profiles her life, sacrifices and immeasurable impact on the world. 


Our very own Max Rivest joins the Think Space Podcast detailing unhealthy relationships with coffee, and his adoption of coffee leaves instead of coffee beans. Discover how he founded Wize Coffee Leaf by taking on a personal, social, and economic problem.

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well. 

Good News

GOA is a 30-acre animal sanctuary in Hampton, New Jersey, it's dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of goats. It gives home to over 130 animals, and is just so happens that the most inseparable friendship on the farm is between a lamb and a duck. 

We hope you enjoy these hand-picked weekly gems. From the Wize team to you, thank you.


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