WizeWorld Volume 52

Aug 13, 2021

Welcome to the 52nd volume of WizeWorld, our weekly collection of handpicked stories and sounds to help bolster your sense of wizdom and curiosity. This week we’re taking a look at the case for major changes, as well as preservation.

  • Vox makes the case for eliminating sugar.
  • An interview with the Tofino surfer, Emily Ballard.
  • Now Playing: Grime Hitters
  • Sculpture art based in the power of therapeutic ritual.



A new Vox piece looks at a new book from author Gary Taubes, making the case for people to try to eliminate sugar completely. 


Special Feature

Tofino surfer, Emily Ballard sits down for an interview to talk about her earliest aspirations, and ambitious surf future.



The week's mix is curated by Lemon. It features some of the best and gnarliest grime music to nod your head to.


Good News

Brooklyn artist, Guadalupe Maravilla creates totemic structures and sound-centric art to preserve the therapeutic properties of Indigenous ceremony.


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