WizeWorld Volume 43

Jun 11, 2021

Welcome to the 43rd volume of WizeWorld, our weekly collection of handpicked stories and sounds to help bolster your sense of wizdom and curiosity. This week we’re at the differences between progression and stagnation.

  • A widespread reckoning of healthy food standards.
  • An interview with surfer, Jamaal Cunningham.
  • A mix of sweet, peppy rap 
  • Bandaids are finally becoming more inclusive.



Food companies are on the verge of a massive reckoning after an exposé from The Financial Times sheds light on how companies aren't living up to the standard of what can be considered healthy food.  


Special Feature

Surfer, Jamaal Cunningham sits down for an interview about his passions and his path toward consistent progressions.



WizeRadio's playlist is curated by DJ Seko this week. It's the whole gamut of rap, with old school tunes, newer melodies, deep cuts, and mainstream hits.


Good News

Ontario native, Tianna McFarlane has created darker-toned bandaids, providing diverse and more understated options for those with darker skin.


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