WizeWorld Volume 39

May 14, 2021

Welcome to the 39th volume of WizeWorld, our weekly collection of handpicked stories and sounds to help bolster your sense of wizdom and curiosity. This week we’re taking a look at those who always manage to remember where they started from. 

  • How sugary drinks can effect intestinal health.
  • An interview with the snowboarder and Jackie Carlson.
  • Some light grooving tunes for your ears. 
  • An NFL draftee giving back to his community.



According to Medical News Today women under the age of 50 are at heavy risk of developing bowel cancer as a result of sugary drinks. 


Special Feature 

Snowboarder, Jackie Carlson sits down for an interview about her athletic history, coaches and many past and potential starting points. 



Planet Giza delivers a brassy and light mix to groove to. At just under and hour this track the perfect combination of lo-fi, swing, jazz and hip-hop. 


Good News

Newly drafted Steelers running back Najee Harris returned to his Bay Area community on draft night, hosting a draft party at the homeless shelter he grew up in. 


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