WizeWorld Volume 27

Feb 19, 2021

Welcome to the 27th volume of WizeWorld, our weekly collection of handpicked stories and sounds to help bolster your sense of wizdom and curiosity. This week we’re looking at how consistency and repetition can result in breaking new ground. 

  • One woman’s struggle with soda addiction.
  • The infancy and creation of hypnotism.
  • A groovy foray into Japanese funk.
  • An underwater look at sharks. 



Sirin Kale had a 27-year addiction to fizzy drinks, her road to recovery has come at the expense of 14 teeth, and a new outlook. 



As we celebrate Black history we take a look at community organization, highlighting the Black Panther Party, and its legacy of cohesion and outreach. 




From Vox comes a look into the health crazes of the 1700s that inadvertently birthed hypnotism.  




L'Atelier delivers an incredible 70s inspired funkadelic mix. It’s perfectly infused with disco and an upbeat tempo that glides along for close to two hours.



Renee Capozzola has become the first woman to win the Underwater Photographer of the Year distinction following her photography of sharks in French Polynesia. 



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