WizeWorld Volume 23

Jan 22, 2021

Welcome to the 23rd volume of WizeWorld, this week we have raw, forty-eight-year-old profile of MLK, a look into the dishwashers that hold restaurants together, a thumping, pulsating mix and Seattle bakers coming together for a food bank. 


Nearly fifty years ago, Garry Wills delivered an in-depth profile of civil rights giant, Martin Luther King Jr., exploring the striking and hidden parts of the icon's life. 


Special Feature
Interview with Chairman Ting, one of Vancouver's foremost artists.



From Real Stories, comes a deep-dive into the often forgotten lives and responsibilities of restaurant dishwashers, and how the uphold the kitchens in which they work.



With the A.A.L. Mix, Other People creates a pumping and thumping romp for fifty minutes. It relies on percussion, electronics and even a little bit of trap to round out its perfectly curated corners. 


Good News

With the influx of at home cooking due to quarantine, in Seattle, more than 500 bakers have been donating their surplus of baked goods to local food banks. 


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