WizeWorld Volume 17

Dec 10, 2020


This week we've got a BIG update for our ever-growing WizeCulture database, including a hand-picked alternative Christmas mixes and albums to jam to over the holidays, and no, there's no Mariah Carey, no Bublé, no Sinatra. We've also added more movies, shows, documentaries etc to check out, so take a look at the WizeCulture database for all the new additions and bookmark it for easy reference!

WizeCulture Database 

On top of this big update, in this week's WizeWorld drop, we got decades-old crop circles in Japan, a percussive and funkadelic mix, an examination of how our brain falls in love, and a pair of lonely otters finding love.



A fifty-year-old science experiment has finally come to fruition after forest testing has led to peculiar patterns in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan. 



Biologist Dawn Maslar delivers a TedxTalk detailing how exactly our brains flutter and descend into love. 



From artist Kapote comes a 100 minute mix that oozes funk. The session relies on drums and percussion to add flavour to each section, always implementing a late 70s sensibility. 


Good News

Two lonely and rehabilitating otters manage to find love just before the holidays, bonding over a mutual need for companionship. 

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