WizeWorld Volume 115

Dec 16, 2022

 Welcome to the 115th volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your month, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 

This month is all about challenging the status quo: from a doctor taking on the sugar giants, to a book that depicts the women at the forefront of social and societal change through street art. So grab a Wize (hot or iced) and dive in to learn more.

We’ll be looking at:

  • A doctor zeroing in on Big Soda’s predatory practices
  • An interview with nutritionist and fitness coach Edin Sehovic
  • Street art that celebrates powerful, important women
  • Heron Preston’s November set at The Lot Radio
  • The Kyiv bakery staying resolutely open




An image of two cans of Coca-Cola resting on a bed of ice.

Empty calories, predatory ads and long-term health implications: Dr. Sandro Demaio has had enough of Big Soda and encourages you to kick them to the curb, too. As he points out, even cake can is often enriched with vitamins and minerals (through flour) but no such health halo exists for sugary sodas that only do harm. And that harm goes beyond personal health, as The Guardian recently pointed out with Coca-Cola’s cynical sponsorship of the Cop27 climate summit. 

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An image of a white man in a grey tank top attempting to pull the sword from the stone at Disneyland.

Fitness coach and nutritionist Edin Sehovic was diagnosed with diabetes at just 14 years old, and it sparked a lifelong interest in health, nutrition and fitness. After working in the personal health and fitness field for a few years, he noticed people often came to him with the same questions, and realized he could help even more people through the lens of social media. As you might imagine, he’s no fan of sugar-loaded energy drinks and sees Wize as a refreshing way to get hydrated—especially if you struggle to get in enough fluids in the day. 

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An image of the Wall Street bull statue, covered in crocheted yarn.

Street art, a medium typically dominated by men, can often feel exclusionary to female artists. That’s why journalist Alessandra Mattanza and Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art founder Stephanie Utz are trying to change that. Their book, Women Street Artists, highlights the graffiti, murals and yarn bombing that you can find all around the world from creators like Camilla Falsini, #LEDIESIS, Olek and more. 

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An image of a Black man against a white-grey background wearing a black mockneck shirt and a black baseball hat.

Heron Preston Johnson is an artist, designer and creative director who also finds time to DJ. We’re bringing you his set from The Lot Radio last month where he incorporated a little bit of everything to give you that last push to get through Friday and make it to the weekend. 

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Get inspired

An image of an adult, standing beside a child, in front of a commercial bakery operation.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, one bakery in Kyiv has remained resolutely open. Not only has Bakehouse Bakery kept their ovens alight but they’ve also donated over 100,000 loaves to those in need. Inspired by their determination in the face of extreme adversity, some of the world’s top chefs have created a cookbook in their honor to lend a helping hand. The book is currently being published in the UK and Australia with proceeds going to Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal..

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