WizeWorld Volume 112

Oct 7, 2022

Welcome to the 112th volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 

This week’s theme is repair. From raves that help to clear rubble from bombed-out buildings to the province taking action on sugar overconsumption. How we put things back together is just as important as how we build something new. 

We’ll be looking at:

  • The first provinces to introduce a sugar tax
  • An interview with mountain biker Joe O’Reilly
  • Street art as satire, from S.C. Mero
  • Volume 174 from DJ Brian S.
  • Techno clean-up raves in Ukraine



An image of a side-eyeing puppet asking if sugary iced tea is healthier than soda.

Newfoundland and Labrador is officially Canada’s first province with a sugar tax. Since September 1st of 2022, residents of the Maritime province are paying an extra 20 cents for every liter of pop, energy drinks and sugary iced teas consumed, in an effort to get them to cut down on consumption. The long-term goal is to help reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with high levels of sugar intake, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It’s one of the many reasons we’re proud to offer a low-sugar (and low-caffeine) alternative so people also don’t have to reach for harmful artificial sweeteners to enjoy their favorite beverages. 




An image of Joe on his bike, going down a dirt trail with trees in the background.

14 year old Kamloops-based mountain biker Joe O’Reilly is our latest Wize Collective member. We sat down with Joe to chat about what he wants to be when he grows up (a pilot, but biking professionally would be cool, too), his biggest inspiration and what pushes him to get better. He prefers Wize to artificial sodas and energy drinks, especially when it gets hot and dusty on the trail. Be sure to give Joe a follow on Instagram


An image of bike racks that have had converse sneakers and striped socks added to the base.

Artist S.C. Metro creates thought-provoking works of art in the streets and along the sidewalks of Los Angeles. Designs include absurdly large bike locks, lobsters scuttling out of potholes and garbage cans with ballooning mushroom clouds. Metro says that part of the intent is to show the growing inequality of wealth in L.A. You can check out more of her work on Instagram




An image of DJ Brian S. smiling while rocking the turntable with a bucket hat.

This week’s mix comes from Jaz in the City's Live Series. Volume 174 features DJ Brian S. and his mix of upbeat, fun and funky tracks that'll have you smiling your way through to the weekend. 

Get inspired

An image of several people cleaning up rubble in a bombed-out building with a DJ spinning records in the background.

In just plain wholesome news, we bring you the story of techno “clean-up raves” that seek to restore life in Ukraine. The group Repair Together hosts impromptu dance parties in bombed-out buildings where people come from over 200 miles away to help clear rubble. Their next mission is to build 12 houses in a nearby town before the winter.

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