WizeWorld Volume 110

Sep 23, 2022

Welcome to the 110th volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 


This week’s theme is do the thing. And so we’re looking at the artists, designers, DJs and more who are doing just that. Whether it’s spinning tracks out of a shared livestreaming space or creating bold self-portraits, everyone who achieved something started somewhere. Let’s get cracking.


We’ll be looking at:

  • The best time to exercise every day
  • An interview with Vancouver artist Jenavieve Louie
  • The bold self portraits of photographer Atong Atem
  • Our House with Jay Fingers & Louis Esmond
  • The eco-friendly fabrics of the future





An image of a runner in a black tank top bending down to tie his shoes on a city sidewalk.

This video report from the BBC examines the best time to exercise if you’re looking to maximize physical health and performance. Ultimately, any time you choose to lace up your shoes and get after it is great, but scientists have determined that there can be times of the day where you get better results from different workouts; whether it’s because you burn more fat in the morning, have more flexibility in the afternoon or more power in the evening. But there’s no blanket approach for every single person, which means that it’s up to you to find the times and workouts that suit you best. 




An image of the artist kneeling in front of one of her works, which depicts singer Billie Eilish in black and neon green hues.

Vancouver-based artist Jenavieve Louie has been painting since she was just four years old and has long been inspired by pop art icons like Andy Warhol, which you can see reflected in her portraits of pop culture icons like Billie Eilish (pictured above). When she’s in the zone, she likes having a healthy grab-and-go drink, which is why she turns to Wize when she needs a small and sustainable burst of energy.




An image depicting the artist in a dark room with a blacklight, her face painted with a host of colors and her hair wrapped in colorful yarn.

Enjoy these stunning self-portraits from Ethiopia-born, South Sudanese, and Melbourne-based photographer Atong Atem. Atem’s goal is to capture how place, people, culture and time come together, often using her own face and image as the canvas of that exploration. You can see more of her work on Instagram.




An image with the text Our House written in an 80s-style neon font against dark brickwork.

This mix of mostly instrumental house music flows from upbeat dance grooves to chill, mellow vibes. It’s a great way to finish out your work day on a high. Throw it on and just do the thing as Jay Fingers and Louis Esmond take you on an auditory odyssey. B-Side Radio is an online community radio station that operates out of The Beaumont Studios Artist Society in Vancouver BC. Read more about them here.



Get inspired

An image of a shoe balanced on what looks like a balloon or a cloud, against a dreamy blue sky and cloud-like background.

Positive News brings us the rundown of the most promising innovations they’ve seen over the last few years in the world of green fashion. Click the link to check out the  eco-friendly fabrics and materials that could make up the shoes, bags, sheets, shirts and more that we use on a daily basis. 



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