WizeWorld Volume 100

Jul 15, 2022

Boom! #100! Welcome to the 100th volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your week, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 

This week’s theme is staying Wize. From how to stay young in every decade of life, to what 1.2 billion year old groundwater could mean for the next mission to Mars. 

We’ll be looking at:

  • How to maximize longevity in every decade of life
  • All about Wize founders Max, Arnaud, and Enrique 
  • Funkanometry’s one-of-a-kind Wize performance
  • Wize Founders Summer Beats
  • The researchers who uncovered life’s power generators




An image of six floral stems arranged on a white background, from least to most bloomed.

100 editions of WizeWorld has us thinking about the future. We’ve always been passionate about offering healthier and more sustainable alternatives to drinks that can wreak havoc on our sleep, blood sugar levels, inflammation, and much more. Sugar-laden sodas, iced teas, energy drinks, frappuccinos, and more may taste good in the moment but you could be feeling the effects for years to come. That’s why we’re turning to Mind Body Green’s blog for tips on how to maximize your longevity and health in every decade of life—from building healthy exercise habits in your 20s to managing stress in your 50s and beyond. 




An image of all three founders with a small flag next to them to indicate where each is from.

When you visit the Our Story section of the blog, you can learn all about how three people from three different parts of the world came together and saw the global potential for the humble coffee leaf, a product enjoyed by local farmers but ignored by the wider world. Together they blended their passion for craft beverage, sustainable farming, and healthy living to create every delicious sip of Wize that you enjoy today. Cheers to them!




An image of Jacksun and Carlow performing onstage.

As Wize Collective members Funkanometry continue their world domination on America’s Got Talent, they took some time to record a video just for us. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind Wize-fueled dance and be sure to wish Jacksun and Carlow well on their TV journey. 




An image of a stack of records in their sleeves with a pair of headphones resting against them.

This week’s playlist comes directly from founders Max and Arnaud. Summer Beats is a 3hr collection that includes bouncy electro house of Miel de Montagne to the R&B of Crystal Murray. Crack open a Sparkling Mango Wize iced tea and enjoy our sounds of summer!



Get inspired

An image of a researcher collecting groundwater in a small vessel.

A research team in South Africa has just discovered 1.2 billion year old groundwater located deep in a gold and uranium mine. This discovery gives us new information about the way that groundwater can act almost like the earth’s generator, and the benefits it holds for the deep biosphere as a whole. It may even tell us how life could be present and sustained on other planets. The groundwater — which is filled with multiple power-generating elements like hydrogen, helium, argon, and even an undiscovered isotope of krypton — keeps life below the surface alive and thriving. 


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