WizeWorld Volume 1

Aug 20, 2020

Introducing WizeWorld, a weekly newsletter and blog post dedicated to the most dynamic content curated by the Wize team. Every Friday morning we’ll be delivering handpicked sights, sounds, and stories designed to exhilarate the mind and generate curiosity.


Author, Benjamin Y. Fong details how coffee production is often closely followed by environmental and financial devastation in his piece, "Unfair Trade" for The Outline.


Home in a Foreign Land or Casa en Tierra Ajena, is an 80 minute documentary that chronicles the stories and hopes of several people who are in processes of forced emigration in Central America. It also gives a platform to those who have remained in their countries resisting and transforming their realities. 


Good Life Mix 107 by Crackazat is just under an hour of perfectly fused electronic jazz and house music. Hailing from the UK, Crackazat's music is about as good as you can find in the realm of multi-instrumentalist music.

Good News

Octavius "Tay" Nelson grew up washing dishes in South Carolina at the same restaurant where is dad worked as a cook. In order to pay homage to his late father, Tay has evolved into a culinary icon in the south, learning all he knows from scratch.

We hope you enjoy these hand-picked weekly gems. From the Wize team to you, thank you.


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