Wize Monkey's Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 23, 2018

Hi folks!

Max here, Co-Founder and CEO of Wize Monkey. We're getting lots of questions from our customers asking what to get for mom, dad, friends and partners, so we compiled our top recommendations for you to impress your loved ones. But first, let's cover the basics.


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We created a variety of pre-made gift  sets for you to easily choose from. Keep in mind that you can simply add notes on the checkout page if you want us to customize the package and swap different teas. For example, if you wanted Minty Marvel, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Mango Party instead of the pre-selected products, just let us know in the comments on the order and we'll make it accordingly :)

Ok, now for the fun stuff!

OMG I have no idea what to get Dad!

Buying holiday gifts for Dad can be ridiculously hard sometimes. The challenge is that dads are usually afraid to say if they like something, especially if they like tea. Thanks to 90s and 2000s marketing and societal indoctrination, they feel like they're seen as 'weak' or 'feminine' if they like tea. Come on, guys! There's nothing to be afraid of! So, here's a quick list of suggestions for dad:

  • Earl Grey with Sicilian Bergamot and vanilla: incredibly well-balanced and uniquely smooth, unlike most Earl Greys using black tea as a base. This is usually the one we get feedback on saying "best Earl Grey I've ever had, so might as well start them off on the right foot
  • Ginger Lemon: this one is my daily staple now because it's nice and lemony but comes with a ginger kick yet still remains balanced. It's also very functional for cold season and helps to bring you back to level with real ginger pieces. Got a cold or sore throat? Add some honey or maple syrup and a teaspoon of turmeric powder for a potent cold-fighting elixir. 
  • Original: the lifetime best seller for Wize Monkey is not to be skipped over because it truly has a smooth and sweet taste that is unrivalled in the tea and coffee world. People love our Original tea because it's so easy to steep and very forgiving, while always tasting great. Can you say user-friendly?

You can get these three blends in either loose leaf or bagged teas, and don't forget to ask for any order customization in the order notes.

My Mom is so fickle, what will she love??

Our dear mothers work so hard and put up with the most BS of anyone! So let's make sure they feel ultra special this holiday. Here are my personal recommendations for Mom:

  • Strawberry Hibiscus: starts with a sweet strawberry note, then transitions slowly over to hibiscus, then finishes off with a light tartness that is the trademark of hibiscus. The longer you steep this one, the more hibiscus flavor you get, so it's pretty customizable in terms of beverage experience. The vibrant red color of the tea is also super festive!
  • Mango Party: this is a go-to for most of our customers, and some of them have called it the "gateway drug" for Coffee Leaf Tea, LOL. It's fragrant, fruity, yet not overly sweet and has a nice lasting taste. Keep this in mind if Mom loves fruity teas and drinks.
  • Minty Marvel: this is the unsung hero of our lineup of blends. With real Oregon peppermint leaves and a light addition of spearmint extract, this blend will not only freshen your palette (and sinuses), but also feature strong body and smooth sweetness thanks to the Coffee Leaf Tea base. Don't forget to resteep this one!

My friend drinks so much coffee, it's actually unhealthy! What about them?

Ha! I actually overdosed on coffee in 2012, which is what led us to research Coffee Leaf Tea. For a heavy coffee drinker that typically likes strong-tasting drinks, we'd recommend:

  • Earl Grey: Because our Earl Grey has such a fragrant bergamot and a vanilla finish, it boasts robust flavor that isn't meant to 'taste like coffee', but it brings loads of full flavor and complexity that coffee aficionados love.
  • Jasmine:  some of the coffees out there, especially ones made from Java coffee beans, are more floral in taste and less acidic, and that's where our amazing Jasmine blend steps in. With floral aroma and a lightly sweet taste that is smoothed out by Coffee Leaf Tea, this blend has its own cult following. We have even been asked if we could sell our jasmine extract so that people can put them in their home diffusers, ha!
  • Original: you really can't go wrong with what won us the World Tea Expo Best New Product Award, especially for traditionally heavy coffee drinkers. They can add milk of their choice and sweeteners, but most people enjoy this tea straight-up, either hot steeped or on ice with lemon, as it never gets bitter and stays dead smooth all day.

Should I buy bagged teas or loose leaf? What is best for who?

Bagged teas are best for people who really live on the go. Since it's a pre-dosed single-serving bag, they can take anywhere with them, this is the format of choice. I live off our bagged teas when I'm on business trips, and it's seriously the highlight of my dad when I can just have my premium tea and pop in headphones while waiting for a flight or typing on my laptop as the guy next to me snores his face off on my way to LAX. Highly recommended for travellers. 

Loose leaf is best for people who drink their tea at their desk or at home on most occasions, and also for those who are really into controlling their drinks and customizing their steeps. For example, with loose leaf you can add more tea per cup if you'd like and really define the strength of the brew you're making, whereas bagged teas are topped at 2.3g per bag. Our personal favorite at the office is loose leaf because it's waste-free, and with our new infusers, it makes amazing tea without any packaging left behind. Also, sometimes we just need a nice dense brew of tea, and loose leaf let's us go super strong if we want to. It's really a personal choice at the end of the day, so if your loved one loves customization, this is the format for them. 

What other questions do you have? Please let us know via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or email us, and we'll be waiting to guide you through a personalized shopping experience. 

Cheers and happy holidays from the Wize Monkey team :)




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