PSA: We use 100% plant-based teabags

Sep 27, 2019

We do not use plastic teabags, and never will. 

We use 100% corn starch PLA biodegradable bags. They are 100% plant-based.

A recent study came out showing that PET plastic and nylon teabags leave micro and nano-plastics in cups of steeped tea. Good thing that we DO NOT use those materials and never have. We use only corn starch bags that are plastic-free and biodegradable.


Wize Monkey Biodegradable Teabag


On that note, here are our other green packaging initiatives

We are committed to using the most Earth and human-friendly materials and continue to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint as we grow.

We have stopped using individual wrappers for our 15-count boxes of teabags and instead pack all 15 inside one reusable bag. The existing single wrappers that are being phased out are recyclable in the soft plastics category and always have been since day 1. Many people think that the paper wrappers used by other brands are compostable or more eco-friendly, but they are mixed with wax and are therefore not compostable nor recyclable. This is why in the beginning, when we had to use single wrappers for our grocery products, we went with single-material plastic wrappers because they are actually recyclable under their respective soft plastics category. Every other type that is foil/paper mix or wax/paper mix are not recyclable, so we've never used those options as they do not have any secondary applications.

We have revamped and entirely overhauled our loose leaf formats for less waste and better ease-of-use. We released new tins and refill bags that are reusable for longevity and professional storing and sealing. This creates a better user experience and ensures that we use a little plastic and foil materials as possible. 

Read the full packaging update details here


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