New study: Mangiferin showing potential for treatment of various psychiatric and degenerative disorders

Jan 25, 2021

As the leaders of coffee leaf innovation, we've been tracking all the scientific studies about the compounds in coffee leaves since 2013. We've know for almost a decade that coffee leaves are very healthy for you for many reasons, yet we've been very patient and cautious about making claims because we want to take our time and ensure the findings are sound (like any good scientist would, frankly). We are not ones to embellish things because it will sell product - we'll leave that to the fad brands and diet products of late-night TV commercials.

To centralize all of the existing research out there, we just launched our new Research Hub where you can find the different compounds in the coffee leaf with their respective health benefits link to source studies.

A unique aspect of the coffee leaf, in regards to health sciences, is that it is one of nature's richest sources of a rare antioxidant called mangiferin. The scientific community has been exploring this elusive compound more vigorously in the last 10 years as it is showing promise to treat a plethora of disorders, diseases, and ailments, as well as boasting general health advantages for everyday use.

A new study has shown that mangiferin is devoid of pro-oxidant activity and is thus superior to conventional antioxidants. It prevents the age-specific changes in various enzymes, alleviates cognitive impairment, improves damage in the hippocampus and has neuroprotective effects (protects brain neurons).


new mangiferin study chart

As you will see in the Research Hub (and a quick Google search), mangiferin is quickly becoming a top research priority in the medical space thanks to its many promising test results for everything from reducing tumour cell size to lowering insulin resistance.

Feel to dig into the studies and learn more about your favourite beverage. Cheers to health!


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