New Collab: World's First Coffee Leaf Kombucha

Apr 30, 2018


We all knew that coffee leaves make great tea, so why not try making kombucha with it? 

The founder of Bucha Brew, Kara Sam, has won awards for her super fresh kombucha that's locally brewed in Vancouver BC. Thanks to her amazing booch, she can barely keep up with the growing demand. Even though she's busy every waking moment with her young family, growing business, and endlessly energetic dog, she still finds time to seek out new innovative products and play around with potential collaborations.

Kara and Max (our co-founder) have actually known each other for a few years now since Max attended university with Kara's brother, Steve. Steve connected the two entrepreneurs together and since then they have been sharing discoveries and discussing industry trends. It was only a matter of time until they launched this new project together: the world's first Coffee Leaf Kombucha. 

After various test batches and a lot of trial and error, Kara and her team settled on this delicious recipe that included whole raw mango chunks added at the end of the brewing, then filtered and bottled. 

      Mango Chunks!    

Not only does this kombucha taste clean, crisp, and refreshing, it has a beautiful mango  note that can't be replaced by anything other than the real thing.

You can order it online here, and it is rolling out to the following locations on a store-by-store basis. If it isn't in your local retailer, tell them to order it and it'll come in. Power to the people!

  • Save On Foods
  • IGA
  • Nesters
  • Safeway
  • Independent health food stores

In an effort to update their selection and keep up with changing customer demands, the Vancouver Park Board is bringing in more healthy options for their concession stands and phasing out sugar-filled drinks.  Bucha Brew has impressed the Park Board so much so that they've installed kombucha taps at all the beach and park concession stands, so keep an eye out for the signs this summer. Some will also offer growler fills, how rad is that!


To celebrate this new partnership, we hosted a launch party at the new Wize Monkey office in Kitsilano. We had   Bayside Lounge  bring in a full bar with four custom tea and kombucha cocktails, Bucha Brew brought a two-tap kegerator that we get to keep in the office (secretly freaking out right now) and we had our friends from   Restore Human  provide prizes and also spin beats all night (thank you DJ Six Pax!)

             Earl Grey Cup Cakes by Connie K Leung    Earl Grey Cup Cakes by Connie K Leung

      Drinks by Bayside Lounge            

Live Chalk Art by Emily Cheung     Pax and the team from Restore Human!    Crew from Thrive!     

Jordan Bruce from @brucesroots and her bestie!     Kara and Natasha, the dream team from Bucha Brew     

Thank you to all who attended and those who tried to make it out but got stuck in traffic, there will be more events like  this so stay tuned! For future launches and events, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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