Reed Platenius

Apr 11, 2021

Tofino, BC


How did you discover your talent? What got you started?

I think it was mostly just growing up in a beach town. The culture in Tofino revolves around the ocean and the beaches. I guess I don’t really think talent is really discovered -- I think it’s built from practice and hard work. My love for surfing was just a slow progression from going to the beach as a family to playing with my toy trucks and digging in the sand. Being at the beach inevitably leads to messing around in the shallow water with a boogie board and then wanting to stand up like the older kids. After that stage I think being around older friends who surfed definitely drove me to work hard and progress to improve.


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I am still a kid hahaha. And to be quite honest, I have absolutely no idea. Whatever I'm doing professionally when I'm older I know I’ll definitely still have the same love for surfing that I have now.



Who was your biggest inspiration?

People like Pete Devries and Noah Cohen have been the biggest inspirations in my life. Not only is their skill level so insane but the way that they handle themselves everyday is something I strive for. They both seem to work very hard at being the best surfer and the healthiest and best person they can be. I think that combination gets lost sometimes in professional sports. 


What makes you keep innovating and pushing your skills to new heights? What’s the intrinsic driver or motivation?

I think the community and the people around me are the biggest reasons I try to push my skill level. I’d say I'm kinda the younger of the crew I surf with so whenever I see Pete, Noah or Michael do something crazy I always want to do the same. My coach, Shannon Brown has also really been a great motivator and obviously he’s really helped me progress technically and competitively.


So far, what has been your favourite highlight of your career? An achievement? A specific moment? 

Hmm thats a good question.  This last year Noah has kinda taken me under his wing and all the little local missions we’ve done have been huge highlights. 


In regards to your career, where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?

The Olympics has been a big goal of mine, but whatever I'm doing in the next couple years I just hope I still have the same love and froth that I have for surfing and for life right now. 


In terms of healthy habits, what are your thoughts on the current beverage options out there?  (I.e. Energy Drinks, high sugar drinks etc)

I don't think I've ever drank a full can of an energy drink so I'm probably not the best person to comment on this. That being said there's so many kids in my school who will drink a monster at lunch just for the taste which seems a bit weird. From the couple sips I've had I’m not a huge fan.



How does Wize fit into your current lifestyle? And why do you choose Wize?

I love coffee and I will make big jugs of iced tea in the summer, so it’s obviously a natural fit for me. I didn’t even know that coffee leaf tea was a thing and when Wize approached me I was super stoked on the taste and the low sugar appeal. I think the environmental mission that the company embraces with the farmers is super important and really fits with my view of how the world should work.


What are the next projects coming down the pipeline? 

There’s nothing super specific that I’m working on right now.  I’m hoping to put out a really short surf-focussed edit soon. I’m looking forward to the world opening up again once everyone is vaccinated and it’s safe to travel.


What’s your favourite flavour of Wize tea? When do you typically drink it?

I love the three flavours but I think mango is my favourite. I’ve been drinking it in the early afternoon right around when I’ll often have a second coffee because I’m bored or maybe a bit tired. And the grapefruit flavour has really been growing on me and may be my new favourite.


Thanks for the interview! Where can our audience find out more about you?

Instagram @reed_platenius

TikTok @reedplatenius


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