WizeWorld Volume 116

Jan 20, 2023

Welcome to the 116th volume of WizeWorld: a collection of stories and sounds to round out your month, pique your curiosity, and widen your wizdom. 

This month is all about fighting for the future: from the impact that the aspartame we eat could have on future generations to a small mural festival at the fringes of the Ukraine-Russian conflict showing their support and defiance through street art. 

We’ll be looking at:

  • Is aspartame making us anxious?
  • An interview with FIS World Cup Big Air gold medallist Jasmine Baird
  • Entries from the fourth annual Tbilisi Mural Fest
  • Adriatic Boat Party from Floating Points & Four Tet
  • A hack to counteract the negative impact of sitting all day


An image of a light-colored hamster on a table.

A recent study showed that mice given water with aspartame displayed greater signs of anxiety than those given plain water. But that wasn’t all. They also found that the anxious mice’s children and grandchildren also showed a greater tendency toward anxiety even without direct exposure to the chemical. While more testing is needed, is another reason to hold off on artificial sweeteners and just use small, sustainable amounts of the real stuff (like the 4g of sugar found in each can of Wize) when you need a touch of added sweetness.

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An image of a female snowboarder soaring through the air, past stadium stands.

Canadian snowboarder Jasmine Baird recently scored gold at the Big Air World Cup in Edmonton, her first big win in four years of competing at the event. We sat down with her back in 2021 to talk all about how she got started, where she saw herself in a few years, and why low-sugar, low-caffeine drinks like Wize are her preferred way to fuel up.

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An image of a tall residential building with a series of women's faces painted on the side.

The fourth annual Tbilisi Mural Fest takes place in Georgia, a country on the fringes of the Ukraine-Russian conflict. This year, the organizers decided to celebrate Ukranian artist Sasha Korban as one small act of support for the embattled nation. You can see all of the amazing works of art that can be found around the Georgian capital at the link below.

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An image of two DJs, outside, leaning over decks.

Wize co-founder Arnaud calls this mix his go-to for gloomy days. It offers up a blend of genres, styles, time periods and more to get you out of your funk, especially while days are cold and grey. Best enjoyed with a Sparkling Mango to invite in some summer vibes in the midst of a January haze.

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Get inspired

An image of the back of a young woman's head as she sits in front of a computer screen.

Office jobs that have us glued to our desks can be horrible for our blood sugar levels. The solution? Instead of one big break, aim instead for a lot of smaller ones. That big lunchtime run might have less of an impact than going for a light five minute walk every half hour. So get up, grab a Wize, and treat yourself to a quick loop of the office today.

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