Victoria Kalyniuk

Feb 17, 2022

Victoria, BC


How did you discover your talent? What got you started?

I hated cycling, but one day my brother actually bribed me with a slurpee to come to his road cycling practice...2 weeks after that, I won road cycling provincials. I fell in love and took up the sport! I was also a competitive speed skater all throughout school, but stopped once I went to university. After 8ish years of only road cycling I got into the mountain biking scene, and I’m now doing both!


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I was always a feisty kid, arguing to get my way when I was little… I was even sent to debate camp for a few summers so that made me want to be a lawyer. Maybe someday! I also loved flying, and would’ve loved to be a pilot.


Who was your biggest inspiration?

Ellen Noble has always been a big road cycling inspiration, and since I’ve started mountain biking I’ve really been looking up to Mikayla Gatto after seeing her on the IFHT Ferda Girls (HUMBLE. Parody) and thought it was the greatest thing ever. I also love watching Hannah Bergmann, Casey Brown, and of course, Katie Burrell.


Victoria Kaylniuk wize collective


What makes you keep innovating and pushing your skills to new heights? What’s the intrinsic driver or motivation?

I love being outside riding bikes, and I’ve always had quite a competitive spirit! Being surrounded with great riders on the Island has been super helpful in progressing on the mountain bike!


So far, what has been your favourite highlight of your career? An achievement? A specific moment?

The year just before all the lockdowns I was KILLING it at BC Superweek road cycling series… could not have been more stoked! I’m also stoked to see how much I’ve been progressing since starting mountain biking 1.5 years ago!


In regards to your career, where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?

I’d love to be racing both road cycling and enduro or downhill mountain biking… quite the combo. I’m currently at UVic for marine biology, so fingers crossed I will be able to balance it all!


Victoria Kalyniuk Wize Collective


In terms of healthy habits, what are your thoughts on the current beverage options out there?  (I.e. Energy Drinks, high sugar drinks etc)

I’ve never been a fan of the super high sugar energy drinks typically targeted at athletes… they make me feel sooo gross and ultimately don’t help my performance on and off the bike. 


How does Wize fit into your current lifestyle? And why do you choose Wize?

Anyone who knows me knows I loveee iced tea. I’m not a fan of sugary drinks, so the convenience of being able to crack open a Wize iced tea on the go is huge!


What are the next projects coming down the pipeline? 

I’m actually the president of the UVic Mountain Bike club, so I’ve always got cool events coming up for that. I also just Co-Founded a company called “She Trains”... we are producing a Software that tracks elite female athletes menstrual/hormonal cycles, analyses, training plans, and makes scientifically supported recommendations to optimize training and performance. Super cool (never thought I’d be a CEO at 19!). The app is set to be done in Summer 2022! Otherwise, I’m just grinding through university and training until racing starts!


What’s your favourite flavour of Wize tea? When do you typically drink it?

My go-to hot tea is Chocolate Dream. For iced tea I honestly can’t decide… love them all!


 Wize Iced Tea


Thanks for the interview! Where can our audience find out more about you? 

Check out my instagram to see what I’ve been up to: @tori_kalyniuk. If you see me out on the trails, be sure to say hi!


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