Ryder Bulfone

Jul 7, 2021

Squamish BC


How did you discover your talent? What got you started?

I’ve always been a skier since I was a couple years old. In 2015 I joined the Whistler Freeride Club, and that's when I started taking skiing seriously.  I wasn’t so quick to latch onto mountain biking though. I didn't really start mtb until I was about 12 years old. But ever since then, it’s been a full go, non-stop biking (except during ski season). I picked up biking quickly as it's similar to skiing.


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Haha well I’m still kind of figuring that out. When I was younger I always knew I never wanted to work a traditional 9-5 job. So right now I’m making that vision a reality and working on creating cashflow businesses and being a professional athlete.


Who was your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are the youth and the next generation of prodigies. Every new generation are so good and better than the last. Instead of fighting the change and evolution of the sport, I coach and try to help the next generation become better than the current one!


 Ryder Bulfone Wize Collective


What makes you keep innovating and pushing your skills to new heights? What’s the intrinsic driver or motivation?

Learning new things is fun and it keeps things exciting. I also keep pushing my skills in order to stay relevant in the fast evolving world of action sports.


So far, what has been your favourite highlight of your career? An achievement? A specific moment?

Going to compete at the Freeride World Junior Championships for skiing in Austria was a highlight for sure. But my favourite may have to be March 8th 2021; it was the sendiest ski day ever.


In regards to your career, where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?

Shredding new lines on the Bike & Skis and really pushing the creative side. I hope to have my real estate investment properties supplying me with cash flow at that point so I don’t have to work (other than on my career as a professional athlete) and can just focus on biking & skiing and any other sports.


 Ryder Bulfone Wize Collective


In terms of healthy habits, what are your thoughts on the current beverage options out there?  (I.e. Energy Drinks, high sugar drinks etc)

So bad! I can’t stand some of the toxic options on the market. Which is why I always drink water over those other options.


How does Wize fit into your current lifestyle? And why do you choose Wize?

I have long days and live an extremely active lifestyle. Between coaching, biking, skiing, viewing properties and working on my computer, it’s important that I stay hydrated and energized

I love what Wize is doing and that it’s a local company. I like that it's low sugar as this is so much healthier! The food industry could get by on so much less sugar! 


What are the next projects coming down the pipeline? 

Shredding new lines & innovative ideas. Always creating content and documenting the bikes and skis.


 Ryder Bulfone Wize Collective


What’s your favourite flavour of Wize tea? When do you typically drink it?

The Hint of Lemon. Drink it right before a big day of activity or part way through.


Thanks for the interview! Where can our audience find out more about you?

@flowryder on Instagram

@flowryder_ on tik tok


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