Malik Walker

Jul 6, 2021

Calgary, AB/Vancouver, BC


How did you discover your talent? What got you started? 

My father got me a skateboard when I was 5 and ever since then I tried every sport and skateboarding has always come back. 


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I wanted to be the first man on Mars (like every young boy)


Who was your biggest inspiration?

I have a few. My first inspiration is Boo Johnson, when it comes to skating his style, what he chooses to skate and how he skates is a work of art not to mention his attitude is amazing. 

The other one is Stevie Williams , he showed me that there was some colour to skateboarding and that made it easier to deal with growing up. I learned that no matter how different we look we all do the same thing. 

Another one would be my father, he was the one that got me into skating. He taught me everything from wheelbase, length and the difference in wheels, growing up I tried every sport growing up and something about skateboarding kept me going, 


Malik Walker Wize Collective


What makes you keep innovating and pushing your skills to new heights? What’s the intrinsic driver or motivation?

I always get inspiration from my friends or honestly while I’m sleeping I’ll think of tricks I need to get done and try them when I wake up. Another one is the support. Seeing the younger generation get stoked and wanna push themselves makes me want to do the same


So far, what has been your favourite highlight of your career? An achievement? A specific moment?

Honestly this whole year and a half. Just being myself and so much has happened. I shot for Virgil abloh and nigo’s Louis Vuitton clothing line for montecristo mag, first photo in a skateboarding magazine ever for quitmag


In regards to your career, where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?

In 5-10 years I want to be in the position to do what I love to do and be able to give back and help my community. Skating isn’t forever but if I can have the chance to impact someone’s life whether it’s through skating or just a conversation. 


Malik Walker Wize Collective


In terms of healthy habits, what are your thoughts on the current beverage options out there?  (I.e. Energy Drinks, high sugar drinks etc)

Personally I don’t really drink monster or red bull but I do drink pop. I do notice with high sugar drinks and energy drinks they give you a hard crash and when your skating or being active with pop it doesn’t energize how natural sugar would in your body


How does Wize fit into your current lifestyle? And why do you choose Wize?

Wize fits into my lifestyle because the drinks work really well while I’m skating, it’s the perfect balance of tea and flavour, I’ve switched from drinking pop cause I get more energy 


What are the next projects coming down the pipeline? 

I have a video part I’m working on currently, I’m hoping it’ll be done by the end of the year. Other than that just gonna keep working and bettering myself 


Malik Walker Wize Collective


What’s your favourite flavour of Wize tea? When do you typically drink it?

Grapefruit and Mango are my go to’s 


Thanks for the interview! Where can our audience find out more about you?

My Instagram is : @steezywalker


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